Reheating coffee ruins the flavor every time.

Coffee is made to be enjoyed fresh and hot and there is nothing worse than stale coffee that has been reheated or continuously heated.  It's important to know that all coffee has bitterness.  But in freshly brewed coffee, there is also plenty of sweetness and acidity that balance the bitterness to create delicious-tasting coffee. When you reheat coffee, all of the good stuff in the coffee starts to disappear and the coffee becomes extremely bitter.

Don't waste great tasting coffee.

You wouldn't rebake a cake in the oven so why reheat coffee?  You invest in the fantastic coffee beans and find the perfect brewing method only to shove a great cup of coffee into the microwave and completely ruin it.  If you are a true coffee enthusiast, nothing is better than sipping a perfectly brewed hot cup of coffee from a mug that feels just right in your hand.  If only that coffee didn't get cool off so quickly.

You don't have to microwave coffee anymore.

Sipforia elevates the coffee drinking experience with a simple solution - the Coffee Savor that neatly encloses a custom-designed coffee mug to keep coffee hotter longer. Simply slide the mug in and out of the Savor as you sip.  It wraps the custom-designed mug to keep your coffee hotter longer.  It seals in not only heat but also the aromas and flavors that reheating can ruin. Just say not to reheating or continuously heating coffee and check out the new way to sip the perfect cup of coffee.