Hello Writers, Editors and Bloggers

Thank you for your interest in Sipforia!  All our photos and information are right here for you to develop a story.  Please contact us with any questions or if you need additional information.

Our Mission

Sipforia is dedicated to elevating the coffee and tea drinking experience. We design products to help people find joy in the simple everyday moments of life.

Meet the Creator

Mike has been inventing consumer products and developing unique companies for 20 years. Mike seeks to solve consumer problems by taking existing products to the next level. Often with a twist or small tweak the newly invented product solves real consumer issues.

Sipforia is no exception. Born from the need to keep coffee hotter longer without ruining the flavor, Mike developed the Coffee Savor and Sipforia was created.

The Couple Behind it All

Partners in business and in life, Kathryn and Michael have built three of their own companies from the ground up.  Self-funded, family run and full of challenges as well as fun!  Learn more about our story and how we got started our entrepreneurial journey.

Brand Assets


Topics we love to discuss are being entrepreneurs, building businesses from the ground up, new product ideation/development, working with your spouse and of course coffee!