Let us tell you about our coffee story.

It started with a first date and a cup of freshly brewed coffee of course.  Way back in (uh hum) 1994, Mike asked Katy on a date.  He was excited but she was unsure about him, so Mike proposed going to a coffee house which seemed like the perfect answer if the date didn't go well...

We have a passion for coffee and life itself.

Fast forward to over 20 years of marriage, two awesome (but let's get real, often aggravating) teenage boys and a very busy home. We enjoy coffee and tea everyday. We obsess over quality beans, brewing methods and compete over who can make the better cup of coffee. Our coffee experience is incredibly important to us, from sourcing our beans to drinking from a well-crafted coffee mug. Through our coffee passion came the invention of the Coffee Savor and our company Sipforia.  

Our mission became naturally clear:  to create products that help people elevate the coffee and tea experience - one sip at a time.

Sipforia is all about taking time to elevate the small everyday moments in life


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