How to Stop Drinking Bitter, Reheated Coffee

Sipforia Introduces the Coffee Savor – the Simple Way to Enjoy Fresh Hot Coffee Longer.

Let's face it no one likes microwaved coffee!  It turns stale and bitter.  But everyone loves fresh, hot coffee.  The persistent issue remains: how to keep coffee hot while you enjoy every sip.  Sipforia has the answer.

Sipforia is introducing Coffee Savor, a new way to keep coffee hotter longer while preserving its integrity and flavor. Sipforia’s Coffee Savor brings together a patent pending system including a coffee mug and unique base design that naturally holds in heat, flavors and aromas—allowing the coffee to be enjoyed at the ideal drinking temperature over a longer period of time. 

According to the National Coffee Association 62 percent of Americans drink coffee daily, the highest percentage in the past six years. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people enjoy fresh coffee made at home. However, the issue of hot coffee growing cold too quickly is a persistent problem for coffee drinkers.  Lukewarm cups of coffee are put in microwaves to reheat. This changes the chemical structure of the coffee, making it bitter and ruining the flavor.

Until now, companies have approached keeping coffee hot through heating elements like heated plates, temperature-controlled mugs or smart mugs which are just other ways to reheat coffee and ruin the flavor. These approaches include apps, batteries, plugs and the need to recharge. Sipforia’s Coffee Savor took a different more simplistic approach with the invention of a coffee mug that fits perfectly into a home base to keep heat, flavors and aromas intact for longer.

“Home brewing is on the rise. People are investing in quality beans, brewing methods and high-end equipment. Yet often they brew a delicious cup of coffee only to reheat it in their microwave,” said Michael Romley, CEO and Founder of Sipforia. “We created the Coffee Savor to preserve heat and the entire flavor profile. We are excited to launch a product that keeps fresh coffee hot until the last sip.”

Sipforia’s Coffee Savor works through reducing the rate of evaporation by covering the mug. Unlike a lid, the Coffee Savor features a gravity-fed arm which raises and lowers as the proprietary mug is moved in and out. This enables the coffee drinker to use it easily with one hand. The super-grip base has a non-slip silicone material which keeps it in place on any smooth surface. Since the base covers the mug it protects the mug from dust and even airborne droplets that spread illnesses. The Coffee Savor is deal for use at home or the office.  Find out more about Coffee Savor here.

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