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What our customers are saying...

I'm guilty of microwaving my coffee when it gets cold.  It has always ruined the coffee flavor but I felt like it was my only choice.  Not anymore!

Kate B.

I look forward every morning to a great cup of coffee and I want to enjoy it hot!  Between the needs of my kids and husband, Sipforia solves the problem of lukewarm coffee.

Erin W.

I had a smart mug but I never enjoyed drinking coffee from a travel tumbler. I like the full experience of an open coffee mug. Taking in the steam and smell of the coffee is part of the enjoyment. Now I don't have to decide between keeping coffee hot and drinking from a great mug. 

Ted L.

As a busy mom, every sip of my coffee matters.  I love Sipforia because I can still return to delicious hot coffee even when I am constantly distracted in my day.

Jen M.

Some things just don't work to reheat, and coffee is one of them.

Reheating coffee reorganizes the chemical makeup and totally ruins the flavor profile. Is that how you want to enjoy your coffee?

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A Simple Solution to Keep Coffee Hot

Sealing in the heat without reheating enables you to drink coffee that is fresh and delicious. Designed to retain heat so you can enjoy coffee hotter longer.

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Great for Home or Office

Once you try it, you'll want one at home and the office.  It can be simply operated using one hand to slide the mug in and out.  The Coffee Savor also makes a great gift.

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Quality Meets Modern Design

The coffee mug is crafted of heat retaining new bone china.  The minimal design is pleasing to the eye with an oversized handle for complete comfort.

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